We here at Wright Media have been expanding and growing for a long time now. We are making great innovations in our field of truck transportation with our unique and advanced algorithms. We are now looking toward more growth, and we are looking for a new hand to help our development team do the best work they can. We hope to find someone that meets the criteria below, and also hope to hire soon. 

Web/Backend Developer

- Must have a firm grasp of mathematics and a passion for applying it to real-world problems in code
- Must have knowledge about statistics and the ability to utilize data regularly in code

- Must have experience with databases (e.g. SQL) and be able to construct complex relational queries
- Must have an understanding of good database table structure, up to and including third normal form

- Must have at least 2 years of programming experience with the same language
- Must have a firm grasp of software engineering environments and concepts
- Must have experience with version control and utilizing a repository (e.g. GitHub)

- Must have a degree in mathematics and/or computer science

- 1+ year of experience in any of: PHP, Javascript, and/or SQL
- Prior experience with machine learning and AI
- Prior experience with web server management

Job Description:
Tasks will include the following:

- Planning and discussing a scalable and flexible object-oriented design for the regular implementation of new features
- Designing machine learning models suitable to solve problems related to regular new features
- Writing code to implement said designs
- Designing user-friendly visual elements which interface with these new features

- Designing new tables in a relational database to meet the needs of new features
- Maintaining data integrity in a database with ever-evolving requirements

- Communicating with multiple other developers regularly
- Managing a server filesystem and performing regular website maintenance


Send resume to kwright@wrightmediacorp.com


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